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Today's Telugu Panchangam

Samvatsaram: Sri Durmukhi

Maasam: Aswiyuja maasam

Aayanam: Dakshinayam

Date: 25-Oct-2016

Day: Tuesday

Tidhi: Dasami upto 13.22 & later Ekadasi

Nakshatram: Magha upto 23.03 & later Pubha

Amrutakalam: from 19.16 to 19.46

Varjyam: from 10.25 to 12.01

Durmuhurtam: from 08.24 to 09.12 & from 23.07 to 23.55

Raahukaalam: from 15.00 to 16.30

Festivals: -------------------------------------

Timings mentioned above are according to Indian tandard Time (IST) 24.00 HRS format. If you are staying out of India, Please adjust the timings according to your local time zones...

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