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Kala Sarpa Dosham / Naga Dosham

In a natives birth chart or raasi chakram 7 planets out of nine planets or some planets out of 7 planets get trapped between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu & Ketu will not allow these planets to give their positive rays to the native. This is called  sapra dosham. There are several types of Sarpadoshams like Kaala sarpa dosham (its the major grade of sarpa dosham), Sarpa dosham to Marriage and matrimonial life, Sarpa dosham to health, Sarpa dosham to life longevity , Sarpa dosham to children related issues etc.  These dosha's can cause...

There are 12 types of kaala sarpa dosham's present in our jyothisya sastra based on positon of planets Raahu and Ketu. They are as follows.

01. Anantha Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 1st house & Ketu is in 7th house

02. Gulika Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 2nd house & Ketu is in 8th house

03. Vasuki Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 3rd house & Ketu is in 9th house

04. Shankupala Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 4th house & Ketu is in 10th house

05. Padmana Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 5th house & Ketu is in 11th house

06. Mahapadman kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 6th house & Ketu is in 12th house

07. Takshaka Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 7th house & Ketu is in 1st house

08. Karkotaka Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 8th house & Ketu is in 2nd house

09. Sanchichuda Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 9th house & Ketu is in 3rd house

10. Ghataka Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 10th house & Ketu is in 4th house

11. Vishidana Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 11th house & Ketu is in 5th house

12. Sesha naga Kaala Sarpa Dosham: Raahu is in 12th house & Ketu is in 6th house

Dosha nivarana method:
We recommend "Raahu - Ketu sila vigraha pratishtapana sahita Kaala sarpa dosha nivarana puja" followed by Kaala nagu vigraha pratishapana at Sri Ramanadha swami temple, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu. This is the best way to get off from sarpa dosha bad effects.

Why in Sri Ramanadha swami temple, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu ??
According to our puranams, in Treta Yugam King Vibheeshana, brother of King Ravana performed the Kala Sarpa Dosha nivarana Puja at Sri Ramanadha temple under the guidence of Lord Sri Rama. From that day this place has became an important place to perform the Kaala sarpa dosha nivarana pujas.  After war Goddess Sita Devi has placed and worshiped a Siva lingam made of Sand , which is way we call it as SAIKATA SIVA LINGAM. God Sri Anjaneya placed AATHMA LINGAM , which he brought from Kailasam next to this saikata siva lingam.

What is the procedure for performing the dosha nivarana puja:
First get confirmation about presence of sarpa dosham in your jatakam. Send us your birth details and we will prepare your Jataka chakrams based on your date, time and place of birth details. We will manually check for presence of  sarpa dosham in your jatakam. Don’t depend on horoscope generating programs as false dosha presence are common.  If needed we will suggest and help you to perform sarpa dosha nivarana puja in a systamatic way. We can perform this puja's on behalf of you. You can find the images related to the puja below. For more details please contact us .

Placeholder imageKaala nagu deity which will be placed in temple, your name and gothram will be imprinted on this deity
Placeholder imageThis is the place where your Personalized deity will be placed in Sri Ramanadha swami temple, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu
Placeholder imageSri Giri Raju sidhanthi doing deity pratishtapana on behalf of one NRI at Sri Ramanadha swami temple, Rameswaram

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