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What is Vedic Telugu Horoscope

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Horoscope predicts future of a person based on his/ her date, time and place of birth. From these birth details we can prepare a person’s janma kundali which consists of 12 houses.
First house is called “Lagna Stanam”
By analyzing Lagna stanam we can predict a person’s physical appearance, attitude, nature, designation, overall success rate of life etc…
Second house is called “Dhana Stanam”
By analyzing Dhana stanam we can predict a person’s money life, vehicle related issues (vahana yoga), friendships, helping nature, angry nature, eye vision related issues etc..
Third house is called “Bhatru stanam”
By analyzing Bhatru stanam we can predict sibling’s issues, adventurous nature, mental disorders, travelling tendencies, servant’s issues etc
Fourth house is called “Matru stanam”
By analyzing Matru stanam we can predict education, own house, relatives, agriculture, ability to study multiple subjects etc.

Fifth house is called”Santana stanam”
                        Some may refer this house as Putra stanam (house of son). By analyzing this house we can predict children issues like how many children will be and their life longevity and prosperity. For childless couple we can do astrological remedies by studying this house, also we can predict entertainment, obedience, Anna danam, book writing, intelligence etc.
Sixth house is called “Satru stanam”
By analyzing Satru stanam we can predict enmity, loans, imprisonment, court cases, skin diseases, rivalries etc..

Seventh house is called “Kalatra Stanam”
By analyzing Kalatra stanam we can predict chances for love marriage, Time of marriage, remedies for problems in getting married due to jataka doshams, happy matrimonial life or disturbances in matrimonial life, any chance for getting second marriage, life partner character, sexual life, extra matrimonial relationships, which spouse you should avoid and kuja dosha status etc..
Eight house is called “Aayu stanam”
By analyzing Aayu stanam we can predict life longevity, insults, death, major health issues, money loses etc
Ninth house is called “Pitru stanam”
By analyzing pitru stanam we can predict luck matters, hereditary profits, relationship with father, devotional attitude etc
Tenth house is called “Rajya stanam”
By analyzing rajya stanam we can predict business life, job life, government job or own industry, fixed assets, luxury, name and fame in society etc
Eleventh house is called “Labha stanam”
By analyzing labha stanam we can predict victory in life, income type,  way of   money earning, fate of savings, best field  for investing, speculation related issues, sudden financial loses & profits etc
Twelth house is called “Vyaya stanam”
By analyzing vyaya stanam we can predict expenditure related issues, heavy financial loses, mental agony, suicidal incidence etc... 

Horoscope helps you to plan your life in advance by making you aware of the right time for the various aspects of life. You can get an idea like when to invest, and when to refrain from it,  what would be an auspicious time to get involved in matrimonial life,  when you should be more cautious about your health, when you can buy or built house, where you might be settled motherland or abroad etc. Horoscope enables you to make decisions thereby steering your life in a better direction.

We only recommend Manual reports. That is why we are not providing online horoscope generation program in our website. There is lot of difference between manual prediction and computer predictions. Computer programs or software’s depend on an algorithm which are restricted to some basic principles. They couldn’t consider all possible criteria and knowledge gained through experience.

For example, if we generate horoscope prediction report through this kind of software’s or programs for twins who born at a same time, these programs will show same results for these two individuals. Practically which is not correct. But if we generate horoscope manually by an astrologer we will get the difference and reports will be personalized. If you want to know your detailed horoscope, we can provide your "Horoscope predictions book”. It is not a computerized one; it will be calculated by Sri Giri Raju sidhanthi garu manually. Please contact us to get your personalized horoscope report…

We can provide your complete horoscope as a manually written "Horoscope Prediction Book". It's not a computerized print out. It will be prepared & written manually by sri Sidhanthi garu. Contact us to get your personalised jataka reports, palmistry reports, vastu reports, match compatibility reports, new borns reports, subha muhurtams etc. We also suggest & perform astrological remedies for your problems caused by various jataka doshams. Click Here to contact for your all astrological needs and suggestions.

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