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Numerology In Telugu Astrology

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Numerology is study and prediction of a person’s nature based on a Master Number. we have several methods to determine this master number. Here, we discussed two most accepted systems and nature of 1 to 9 master numbers..
Based On Date Of Birth:
If you know your correct date of birth make a grand total of it. For example a person has born on 28 / Dec / 1982. His master number is 6, which is calculated as follows
28 + 12 + 1982
2+8+1+2+1+9+8+2 =33
3+3= 6

If you know your date of birth , don't go for following number - letter assigned system.

Based on Name Of Person:
If you don’t know your correct date of birth follow below mentioned numbers-assigned to letters system to get the master number.

For a person named Aravind Pitchika, master number will be 6, which is calculated as follows
1+9+1+4+9+5+4 = 33
3+3 = 6
If you are calculating master number based on your name, don’t include your surname or family name. If multiple names are there, consider the name which everyone use to call you, i.e., for a person named “veera venkata satyanaraya vara prasad” and think he prefers to call him venkat. His master number will be 9 as follows
4+5+5+2+2 = 18
1+8 = 9

Nature of persons having "1" as master number: 
Lord of this number is Sun. they are very intelligent, extremely confident. They have attractive outlook and sharp vision. They are popular in society and become role model in their field. They will have self earning as well as hereditary benefits. Usually they are well educated. They are fast money spenders.
Between 15 to 24 yrs of age – educational failures
21st / 26th / 34th years – professional settlement
35th / 37th /40th/ 47th/ 53rd/ 58th    / 62nd / 64th years are very favorable

Nature of persons having "2" as master number: 
Lord of this number is Moon. These people are unstable. Thinks a lot even for a small issue. Usually they are art loving people and some are gifted with artistic abilities. They are modest and curtest. Lives according to moral laws. They are restless but give up works before completion. They have normal education. Usually they won’t get expected results from matrimonial life.
14th year – educational benefits
23rd year – job benefits
35th year – land or own house
41st year – life settlement
11th, 14th, 20th, 23rd, 32nd, 35th, 41st, 44th, 53rd, 62nd and 71st years are favorable

Nature of persons having "3" as master number:
Lord of this number is Jupiter. These people are mentally very strong, wise and knowledgeable persons. They can understand quickly. They become teachers, politicians, astrologers and religious leaders. They won’t like subordination. They try to have friendships only with rich and famous people. Money won’t stay in their hands for long time. They are benefited from siblings. Usually they have good health, strong voice and tough in nature.
16th year – educational benefit
21st year – job settlement
35th year – financial loses
12th, 15th, 21st, 27th, 30th, 33rd, 36th, 39th, 42nd, 46th, 49th, 54th, 63rd years are favorable

Nature of persons having "4" as master number:
Lord of this number is Rahu. These people are aggressive, won’t mingle with others and won’t accept others views. They spend lot of time uselessly. They are heavy built, fearless, proud and tradition breakers. Chances of having love affairs and love marriage are more. They are very good at speeches and in medical field.
18th, 19th and 22nd years – educational benefits
25th year – job benefit
28th year – promotion or financial benefit
4th, 10th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 31st, 35th, 40th, 44th, 46th, 49th, 55th, 62nd, 73rd years are favorable 

Nature of persons having "5" as master number:
Lord of this number is Mercury. These people are healthy people, fond of quick changes, like to travel often. They can adapt any kind of situation. Highly intellectual and talkative. Usually have more than one income source. They have more desires. They have good growth at business. Success comes after marriage.
23rd year – job settlement
35th year – life settlement
44th year – financial profits
14th, 28th, 32nd, 41st, 50th, 60th and 71st years are favorable

Nature of persons having "6" as master number:
Lord of this number Venus. These people are interested in costumes, music, perfumes, vehicles, sex and luxury. They have good helping nature. Usually have many love affairs. They are weak, slender and have nervous problems. They are plane hearted people. They won’t change their decisions easily. Usually they have good looking spouse and problems with children related issues.
15th, 24th and 32nd years – educational benefits
33rd year- financial gains
42nd, 51st years – health issues
27th, 34th, 41st, 48th, 50th, 56th, 61st, 66th and 71st years – favorable years 

Nature of persons having "7" as master number: 
Lord of this number is Ketu. These people always aim high. They can withstand any kind of situation. They are philosophical and won’t run after luxury and its comforts. They are dependable and good at mediation. They have good memory, analytical ability and failures in education. Their predictions about future, dreams about future become true. They have normal health and suffer from skin related diseases.
20th year – educational benefits
28th year – financial life starts
34th year – profitable year
7th, 16th, 25th, 34th, 43rd, 52nd and 61st year – favorable years

Nature of persons having "8" as master number: 
Lord of this number is Saturn. These people abide by moral laws. They are steady in nature and won’t interfere in others matters. They love to work hard and like to be alone. They won’t trust others easily. They appear very tough outside but they are very sensitive inside. They find mistakes in others very fast. Usually they are not good at studies. They have good matrimonial life. They are born for the people.
15th, 17th and 24th – favorable for education
37th year – Life settlement
26th, 30th, 35th, 37th, 40th, 42nd, 50th, 53rd, 58th, 66th and 70th years – favorable years

Nature of persons having "9" as master number: 
Lord of this number is Mars. They are very proud and aggressive in nature. They like to command others. They be leave everyone. Yet times their mind becomes empty and lose very good chances. Usually these people suffer from stomach related issues. They won’t leave works easily. They search for respect every time. They won’t keep secrets. They are good at writing. They live very satisfactory life. They are good at organizing.
16th and 18th years – educational failures
18th, 20th and 27th years – health issues
24th year – professional settlement
27th, 29th, 36th, 38th, 45th, 48th, 54th and 56th years – favorable years

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