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What Is My Jama Rasi / Birth Sign?

Janma Rasi or Birth Sign can be decided by following methods

  1. Birth star / janma nakshatram.
  2. Starting letters of person's name.
  3. Birth Date & Month

Janma Rasi according to birth star:

Knowing rasi based on birth star is accurate than any other methods practicing now a days. If you know your birth star, follow birth star - janma rasi details mentioned below. If you don't know your exact birth star or janma nakshatram mail us your correct date, time and place of birth details to get your birth star details...

Rasi According To Starting Letter Of Name:
If you don't know your birth star and birth date, time details, then you have to follow Rasi according to name letter. Rasi according to name is not accurate. Don't be confused if you’re Rasi according to Birth Star and Rasi according to name are not matching.

Rasi According To Birth Date & Month:

Its a useless method and not at all accurate....

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