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Meena Rasi / Pisces Sign Nature - Character

మీన రాశి స్వభావం - లక్షణాలు

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  • Persons born in Purvabhadra 4th charana, Uttarabhadra 1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th charanas & Revati 1st,2nd 3rd,4th charanas comes under Pisces sign or Meena raasi.
  • Lord of this raasi of sign is JUPITER.
  • These persons are ideal persons for humanity.
  • They have idealistic thoughts. But they have less confidence levels.
  • These persons won't go ahead spontaneously. They will think and think and think even to take a small decision.
  • They are very honest persons.
  • They usually spend more than they earn.

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