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Elinati Sani Dasa / Gochara Shani Dasa

Elinati Shani Dasa is a gochara (birth star) based period. It won’t give good results to anyone. Even though Saturn position in janma kundali is very good, Elinati Shani period won’t do well. On an average a person will get this Elinati Shani period for 3 turns during his life time. Each turn consists of seven and half years.

In gochara, if Saturn is situated in 1st, 2nd and 12th houses the time period is called Elinati Shani Dasa. During seven and half years turn, first 5 years will give very bad results, remaining two and half years will give some relief.

If Saturn is situated in 1st house or in janma Rasi during Elinati Shani, it will cause financial losses, mental instability and emotional issues, disputes among family, property loses, physical health issues etc

If Saturn is situated in 2nd house from janma Rasi during Elinati Shani, it will cause insults, disappointments, heavy burdens, intense physical or mental sufferings etc

If Saturn is situated in 12th house from janma Rasi during Elinati Shani, it will cause total financial loses, court issues, failures, prolonged hurdles, problems with life partner etc

Remedial procedure:

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